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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Salafists want to 'amend' Camp David treaty

Al-Nour, Egypt's Salafist party, which is currently projected to be the second largest party, says that it will 'honor' Egypt's treaty with Israel, but it wants to 'amend' certain clauses that it deems exploitative.
A statement issued by the party said it would do anything which would cause damage to Egypt and its citizens. It said it views with great severity a situation where Egypt unilaterally violates the international agreement, despite the fact it was signed by a dictatorship. Al-Nour said it will honor the treaty but will seek to revise certain clauses.

The statement noted that the party's stance does not contradict Egypt's obligations towards the Arab and Islamist nation. "The party strongly objects normalization and dialogue attempts and establishing relations with an entity which wants to wipe off our identity, occupies our lands, imposes a siege on our brothers and strongly supports our hangers."


Earlier this week, the party's spokesman said that there was nothing that was preventing the party from engaging in dialogue with Israel, but party leaders clarified that his comments do not reflect the movement's position and that the matter is being examined.

Spokesman Yousri Hamad told a Kuwaiti newspaper that any talks with Israel would be held "under the supervision of the Foreign Ministry. We will not allow any secret negotiations."
Have these guys figured out yet that a treaty is an agreement with two sides and that one side cannot unilaterally amend it? It sure doesn't sound like it.

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