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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Released 'Palestinian' terrorists honored by Iran

A number of the 'heavy' terrorists released in the first phase of the terrorists for Gilad trade two months ago visited Iran on Tuesday, where they were honored by the Iranian parliament.
“Resistance by the Palestinian mujahedin (holy warriors) is the only way to gain their rights and is the only way to force the Zionist regime to retreat,” Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said during the ceremony.

It was the resistance that compelled Israel to accept a prisoner swap deal, he said.

“One of the main issues that forced the Zionist regime to release many (inmates) from its prisons was the fact that the Palestinian resistance vigorously continued its movement and never showed compromising behavior,” he stated.

He also said that the Iranian nation and government feel obligated to defend the oppressed Palestinian nation and will always stand by Palestinians.

“It is the valuable legacy of Imam Khomeini for the Iranian nation that the ideal of defending Palestinians’ rights should form the core of the Iranian nation’s revolutionary pursuit,” he added.
Aren't you glad now that we let them go? You can find more pictures of the visit here and here.

And if you're wondering who the little kid with the 'Palestine' ski hat is, here's a Google translation of a Persian article about the visit.
A. Lady of Fatima Alzq Palestinian Zionists and three years in prison during the captivity of the young child Joseph was brought into the open world, explained the situation very difficult, especially for women's prisons of the Zionist regime and the resistance of the resistance and patient Palestinian women with their husbands and brothers in the sacred cause of liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem Aziz said.
Given what we know goes on in Iranian prisons, isn't it strange to see them complaining to Iran about their treatment in Israeli prisons?

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