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Thursday, December 01, 2011

'Palestinians' present map with 1.9% land swap but still not willing to negotiate

'Palestinian' chief negotiator bottle washer Saeb Erekat has presented a map to the quartet of a 'Palestinian' proposal to 'swap' 1.9% of Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem for land elsewhere in Israel. But like everything else, it's not a subject for negotiation.
A Palestinian official on Thursday noted that the document, which included a map marked with the 1967 borders, was submitted to Quartet representatives during a November 14 meeting they held with Saeb Erekat.

The official, who refused to give details about the areas included in the future land swap, noted that "according to the Quartet statement we were asked to submit an official document with our stance regarding borders and security, and this is what we have done."

The official added that the Palestinian Authority was not waiting for Israel's counter proposal, saying that "even if Netanyahu submits a document due to the pressure that is mounted on him, I am positive that it will be far from satisfactory and also unacceptable by the international community."

Meanwhile, officials in Jerusalem said Israel does not plan to submit a proposal until direct negotiations resume.

The Palestinians claimed that they would be willing to pursue direct negotiations on all core issues of Israel freezes construction of settlements in the West Bank.
What could go wrong?

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At 11:30 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its not just Yesha where the Palestinians want a freeze - it includes Jerusalem. What they want to have the Quartet impose their preferred settlement on Israel without their having to negotiate with the Jewish State, recognize or make peace with it.

This is simply the last chapter of their unilateral gambit that stalled at the UN. There is nothing that prevents from peace talks with Israel if they really had the desire to pursue them.

Its not peace they're interested in.


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