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Monday, December 12, 2011

'Palestinians' hope to use UNESCO to bar Jews from Machpeila Cave

The Mayor of Hebron has told Time Magazine's Karl Vick that he hopes to use the Machpeila Cave's status as a UNESCO heritage site to bar Jews from praying there (Hat Tip: Honest Reporting).
Genesis 23 lays out the details of his grave in Deed Office detail, including the price (30 shekels) paid for the cave and the adjoining field from Ephron the Hittite. There’s not much about the site that’s in doubt, including what Palestinian officials aim to do with the property if they get control of it — stop Jews from praying there.

The stated reason: The massive stone structure built atop the cave by King Herod, a Jew, and held for a time by Christian Crusaders, has since the 14th century been a Muslim house of worship. The Ibrahimi Mosque has minarets, rugs, washrooms for ablutions and anterooms lined with racks for storing shoes.

“It’s a mosque!” says Khaled Osaily, the mayor of Hebron. “You don’t have to be an architect to see it! Will you allow me to pray in a synagogue or a church?”
Actually, the price was 400 shekels. Maybe Vick ought to go back and read the bible again. But Vick discounts the possibility that this could actually happen.
That reality is not going to change just because UNESCO voted in October to accept Palestine as a member, even as its application for full U.N. membership collects dust before the Security Council. Even if the World Heritage committee lists Hebron as a technically “Palestinian” heritage site, Israeli sentries will continue to hang their helmets at the entrance on the eastern side of the mosque, which on a recent weekday teemed with the chatter of children and worshipers, and Jews will continue to gather on the smaller western side, amid the clutter of bookcases and bearded Torah students, rocking like metronomes as they read.
Vick obviously needs to learn some history and current events as well. From 1948-67, when Jordan (there were no 'Palestinians' then) controlled Hebron, Jews were barred from the Machpeila Cave. In fact, for many years before that, Jews were not permitted to ascend above the 7th step entering into the Cave - they were not allowed into the cave itself.

And if God forbid the 'Palestinians' and their supporters get their way, the Cave will come under 'Palestinian' control. If God forbid that happens, does anyone really believe that Jews won't be barred from it? But Vick attributes all of this to spite.
So why frame the World Heritage application as a bid to restrict the use of a religious site, when the only practical effect will be to create bad feelings? For the same reason Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, in his September speech to the U.N. General Assembly, evoked the the Holy Land by name-checking Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed but said nothing about the Jews: In a word, spite.
Vick still doesn't get it. The 'Palestinians' really mean it. What could go wrong?

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At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my question: Doesn't Israel control hebron and the Machpeleh? Why under these known circumstances would Israel even think to return the town to PA control? Why do we care what UNESCO says or does? They have already declared that our holy sites are Moslem and has that really stopped us? If this is some ploy to cower the Jewish people or force Israel into some bargaining position that it finds untenable, then I think Abbas really doesn't understand us at all. But that is not unusual for any of our historical enemies.

Me thinks he wants war and is pushing the region towards a new horror. Truth be told, its one of the reasons we need a useful President in the Oval Office instead of the Islamist supremacist that we have. (and no I don't think Obama is a crypto-Moslem)

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

This as well as millions of square miles and untold tons of loot is property STOLEN BY MOZLEMS!! Like the dome of the rock, that diseased carbuncle, they build on top of other people's property and claim it for themselves, izlamic supremacism and THEFT!!

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Moriah said...

"we need a useful President in the Oval Office instead of the Islamist supremacist that we have. (and no I don't think Obama is a crypto-Moslem)

What about the complacency of the Jewish people? Where is the commanding Jewish presence that states not only is the bridge to the Temple Mount ours, the Temple Mount is ours and the Cave of Machpaleh is ours! What a pathetic disgrace! We want the Muslim in the White House to speak for us? Why doesn't the Jewish Prime Minister speak for us?


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