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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The 'Palestinian Authority's new cartoon: 'Israel is a scorpion'

The 'Palestinian Authority's official television station has a new cartoon called Israel is a scorpion. It has played numerous times over the past two and a half weeks. ''

Let's go to the videotape.

Palestinian Media Watch adds:
The turtle, symbolizing the slow progress of Palestinian statehood, is chased by the Israeli scorpion throughout the video. On its way, the turtle passes Israel’s security fence. On the fence is a drawing of a dagger stabbing the Star of David.

The song repeatedly asks “Why should I like you?” and portrays the PA as forthcoming while Israel is “despicable,” “self-centered” and described as an oppressor who “hates the Palestinians in its heart,” “scatter[s] them around the world,“and subjects them to “beatings, oppression, detention and biting.”

The singer and composer, Ahmed Dari, who appears in the video, is an advisor to the PA and has been a member of the Permanent Delegation of Palestine to UNESCO, the United Nations' Educational, Social and Cultural Organization.

Tanks, falling missiles and bulldozers demolishing houses are also part of the visuals. One segment depicts an Israeli tank with a shovel rolling up a Palestinian flag. A number of Palestinian children are shown fleeing the tank, some already lying in pools blood on the flag.

The song also criticizes the US for “strengthening” Israel against the PA and “forgetting” about the Palestinians:
“You and the other one [USA] that strengthens you against me
[The USA] is proud of you
It feeds and nourishes you
It takes [oil] from me and gives it to you
A second later forgets me”

A picture of shell casings and a baby bottle accompany the words “It [the US] feeds and nourishes you [Israel].”
Some 'peace partner'....

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