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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some 20 Iron Dome missiles sustained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage when they fell off a truck at an IAF maintenance facility in southern Israel on Monday.
The military said some of the missiles were damaged. Army sources estimated the damage at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan has set up an inquiry committee to investigate the incident, which occurred when technicians who specialize in the Iron Dome air defense system were loading cases containing the interceptor missiles onto a vehicle. Some of the cases were not properly fixed on the vehicle and fell over.

The soldiers were never in danger because the interceptor missiles are equipped with a security mechanism that prevents premature explosions.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said, "A number of Iron Dome missiles were damaged during routine maintenance work. There were no injuries and the damage caused to the missiles is being evaluated. As a result, the maintenance work on the air defense system has been suspended until an initial investigation is completed."



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