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Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Israel Fund favors 'security fence'... sort of

The Leftist New Israel Fund, which has always opposed Israel's 'security fence,' has now come out in favor of it. Well, sort of. The NIF is now paying for a security fence around an Arab village to protect its residents from the Jews of a nearby Jewish village.
The NIF decided to fund a security fence around the town of Atzirah-al Kabliah to protect them from "Tag Machir – Price Tag" attacks allegedly originating from nearby Yitzhar.

The residents of the Arab town claim that Settlers from Yitzhar come down to "throw stones at their homes, steal their sheep and even to kill them."

Meanwhile, in Yitzhar, they know the residents of the Arab town quite well.

Three years ago a terrorist from Atzirah a-Kabliah burned down a home in Yitzhar and stabbed a boy all over his body. Other residents of the Arab town have burnt down nearby Jewish owned fields.

Just 3 weeks ago, residents of the Arab town stole an army surveilance camera next to Yitzhar.

Residents of Yitzhar expressed satisfaction with the new NIF project.

They said, "The state and the settlements are always busy fencing themselves in for protection [from the Arabs], now is the first time we see the Arabs feel they need protection in return. We call on the NIF to continue this project [of fencing] in additional Arab towns."
I agree. Back in the days before bypass roads around Arab areas, which were long before the 'security fence,' we used to marvel while riding the bus from Jerusalem to Samaria about how all the Jewish towns were fenced in, while all the Arab villages were wide open and anyone could walk freely wherever they chose. If the Arabs are starting to feel the same kind of nervous pressure that the Jews have felt for the last 25 years, that's a good thing. Maybe if enough of them feel it, they'd actually be willing to make a deal to make peace. Better yet, maybe they'll leave.

As to the NIF, what a sweet irony.

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