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Friday, December 02, 2011

Muslims discovered America?

If you live in the United States, here's some of the pro-Muslim nonsense to which your children are being exposed in the schools.

Let's go to the videotape.

That video is from 2008, but things have only gotten worse since.
The problem with this type of simplistic analysis as part a history curriculum, of course, is that it presents a one-sided, highly-biased view of the facts on the ground in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza, completing ignoring some critical aspects of the conflict, namely, that “resistance” is a euphemism for terrorism, and that when Palestinian women are detained and arrested by Israeli defense forces it is a result of their actions, often successful, to murder Jews as part of the campaign to extirpate Israel.

In fact, the Arab World Notebook, the teaching tool used by Ms. Engel for this class, has already been discredited as a legitimate part of any history curriculum, precisely because its primary purpose is to whitewash the negative aspects of Arab and Muslim history while simultaneously assigning blame for the region’s pathologies on the colonialism, imperialism, the West, and Israel specifically.

A 2005 report on the Arab World Studies Notebook written by the American Jewish Committee, for example, “Propaganda, Proselytizing, and Public Education,” found that while the purported intent of the publication was to create “sympathetic views of the Arabs and Muslim religion in the American classroom,” the end product of the guide was to present “historical distortion as well as uncritical praise, whitewashing, and practically proselytizing.”

More relevant to the recent incident in Newton, the skewed view of the history and present-day politics of the Middle East as outlined in the guide “appears largely designed to advance the anti-Israel and propagandistic views of the Notebook’s sponsors, the Middle East Policy Council . . . and Arab World and Islamic Resources . . . .”

“While the Notebook pays lips service to presenting “different points of view,” the report concluded, “it provides only an Arab perspective . . . on Jerusalem, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the conflict between Western and traditional Muslim values.”

Teaching history with a political or ideological agenda, of course, does not make for true education, precisely because it does not put issues into context, distorts movements and ideologies, and uses events and facts selectively to insure that one interpretation of history, and only one, is taught to impressionable students.
Read the whole thing.

The Newton South High school incident is described here.

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At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this video is a BS of lies

First of all European curriculums aren't any different to what they are saying the USA one teaches and there is no whitewashing.

and the pathetic attempt to link the USA/Israsel as one country is the whole goal of this propoganda piece.

Those who have the knowledge will not be fooled, anyway, because it can be independently verified.

Eat your hearts out. Liar


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