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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mofaz: 'Hit Gaza harder'

Shaul Mofaz, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, and number 2 in Kadima after opposition leader Tzipi Livni, is complaining that the government is not hitting Gaza hard enough in retaliation for rocket fire.
Mofaz said he approved of the IDF military action on Tuesday night, but asserted that there needs to be more comprehensive operations carried out against the leadership of terrorist groups attacking Israel.

According to Mofaz, inefficient retaliation policies, especially of the current government, have eroded the deterrence successfully created by Operation Cast Lead three years ago.

"The Islamic Jihad is funded by Iran and it needs to prove that it is using the money against Israel effectively," he added, saying that Israel has no choice but to carry out a military operation in order to defend itself.
Mofaz is calling for another Cast Lead? Well, he is, but I'd bet it's posturing. There are primaries soon for the leadership of Kadima, and Mofaz is trying to put some space between himself and Livni.

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