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Friday, December 09, 2011

Jerusalem city engineer to order Mughrabi bridge closed

Prime Minister Netanyahu may have asked for a postponement in the construction on the Mughrabi gate, but the result may mean the end to all non-Muslims on the Temple Mount. Jerusalem's city engineer announced on Thursday that he intends to close down the Mughrabi ramp altogether until it is replaced.
The Jerusalem municipal engineer Shlomo Eshkol said he intends to order the Mughrabi Bridge linking the Western Wall Plaza to the Temple Mount closed immediately, citing the danger it poses to the public.

In a letter to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, the city engineer said the temporary wooden bridge poses an immediate danger to the public and surrounding property due to the danger of fire and collapse. "Therefore I intend to issue and order closing the structure immediately and not to allow any use of it," the letter said, adding that the foundation would be given one week to submit any objections to the order.

The statement noted that the closure would allow limited exceptions for security forces to use the bridge in urgent cases after consulting with the municipal engineer.

The Western Wall Rabbi's office issued a response to Jerusalem's municipal engineer, ordering the immediate closure of the Mughrabi Bridge connecting the Western Wall Plaza and the Temple Mount.

The office of Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich's office said it is studying the municipal engineer's order and its significance. The statement added that "any decision will be taken with the safety of bridge pedestrians and worshipers at the Kotel in mind."
Unmentioned here is the fact that the Mughrabi Bridge provides the only access to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims.

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So the Palis can kiss those good-will Christian tours good bye too?


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