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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Israeli Arab' MK represents 'Palestinian Authority' abroad

Israel's Foreign Ministry has filed a complaint against 'Israeli Arab' MK Mohamed Barakeh for representing the 'Palestinian Authority' during a trip overseas.
The complaint said that Barakeh traveled on behalf of the PA on two separate occasions, thus violating Knesset regulations.

The trips date back to 2010: According to the complaint, in January of last year Barakeh joined an official Israeli mission to Auschwitz, but at some point in the delegation's visit to Poland he joined several PA officials who were visiting the country as well.

In Early December he visited Warsaw once more and gave a lecture, but the proper Knesset authorities were not kept abreast of the engagement.

Knesset sources told Ynet that the violation was particularly serious because as a Knesset member, Barakeh's salary is paid by the Israeli taxpayers, yet he traveled abroad representing not only a foreign entity – but one Israel defines as hostile and one that aims to discredit Israel in international forums.

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel filed a complaint against Hadash's chairman with the Knesset's Ethics Committee, demanding an investigation into the matter.

"This is a problematic issue," a Knesset source privy to the grievance's details told Ynet. "This is not an Israeli MK and while he's supposed to represents his constituents, he cannot represent the Palestinian Authority."
I'll bet the Supreme Court says he can. What could go wrong?

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