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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Iran plans to attack US forces in Germany

The German daily Bild reports that Iran plans to attack US forces in Germany in the event that its nuclear program is attacked by the US or Israel.
According to the report, German authorities are investigating a German businessman suspected of espionage with intent to sabotage who they believe is in contact with the Iranian Embassy in Berlin.

Bild quoted German Attorney General Harald Range as saying "We have launched an investigation and taken operational measures."
YNet adds:
The aim of the attack, the report noted, is to thwart American logistic activities needed in order to carry out a military operation against Iranian nuclear facilities.

In a confidential document leaked to the paper, the German chief prosecutor's office claimed that the businessman is suspected of involvement in "espionage and sabotage" activities. The paper estimated that the suspect engaged in intelligence gathering for possible attacks on dozens of American military bases in western Germany.

According to the report, potential targets included airstrips in military bases that serve the US army and NATO forces.
It's coming. The only question is when. I'm guessing the spring or summer.

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At 9:29 PM, Blogger Neshama said...

Events are picking up speed. So much 'noise' about war.


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