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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hugo Chavez: Just sayin'....

I wonder why Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez thinks that American President Obama doesn't love him anymore. Chavez is accusing the United States of causing Latin American leaders - including himself and Argentinian President Cristina Kirshner - to contract cancer.
Although he said he did not want to make "reckless" accusations, President Hugo Chávez on Wednesday hinted that the cancer that he and four other Latin American presidents have suffered or are suffering may have been caused by a "technology developed by the United States."

"It seems very strange that cancer has hit (Paraguayan President Fernando) Lugo, (Brazilian President) Dilma (Rousseff), then me, and within a few days (Brazilian former president Luis Inácio) Lula (da Silva), and now (Argentinean President) Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner)," Chávez said at the ceremony of Christmas and New Year salutation to the Armed Forces. "It would be hardly surprising that they have developed a technology to induce cancer and that it is known only 50 years later."

Venezuela's Head of State based his suspicions on the tests and experiments with chemical weapons that the US Army secretly conducted in Guatemala in the fifties.

Finally, Chávez asked his counterparts in Ecuador and Bolivia, Rafael Correa and Evo Morales, respectively, to take care of their health.
Hey Hugo - maybe it's the Mossad. Heh.

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