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Friday, December 02, 2011

'Here lies a man who wanted to destroy Israel'

I assume that most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the Purim story in which the villain, Haman, suffered his downfall very suddenly but with God's hand clearly behind it. Haman was a conceited individual who felt that no one could touch him - in fact, he tried to set himself up as a God. We have an early Purim story tonight.

Nearly three weeks ago, Hassan Moghadam, the architect of Iran's program to shoot nuclear-armed missiles at Israel, was killed in an explosion outside Tehran. The picture at left is from his funeral (yes, that's Ayatollah Ali Khameni in front) and that's only because I could not find a picture of his tombstone, which reads as follows:
“Here lies the man who wanted to destroy Israel” – Major General Hassan Moqaddam, head of the IRGC’s Self-Sufficiency and Industrial Research Center, who was killed in the explosion at an IRGC missile base made a request in his will that his headstone be inscribed as follows: Here lies the man who wanted to destroy Israel.
For those who read Farsi, the story is here. And from the Google translation of the Farsi:
"Student Press": Imam Shaheed Hassan Tehranian front of goal as he had his final goal. Shahid Tehran in front of his testament was written: "The tomb Qbrm here who wanted to destroy Israel."


More here.



At 2:03 AM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

I was slightly confused at first: thought you were referring to Obozo!!

At 3:29 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Nice , really nice lets hope it becomes a trend.


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