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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Give the man what he wants

After five years in hiding, Hezbullah chieftain Hassan Nasrallah has finally come out of hiding, and says that what he really wants is to be 'martyred.' I say, "let's give it to him" (Hat Tip: Gershon D).
He showed up in public for the first in more than three years, in the southern suburbs of Beirut Tuesday at a mourning ceremony on Ashura, when Shiite Muslims mark the anniversary of the death of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson Imam Hussein.

He remained in a public for only a few minutes but long enough to preach for death in the name of Jihad.

“It is the dream of every single one of us to join the master martyrs of the entire resistance,” Nasrallah intoned.

“We do not ask for anything in return for our Jihad, seeking reward and payment merely from God,” he added. “We do not seek roles in government, and if we have picked up arms and resorted to resistance it is because God has ordered us to do so.

“We will not depart from our sacred land so that the occupiers would capture it, and God has ordered us not to remain silent when it would lead to being humiliated and not to permit the enemy to set foot in our land.

“We do not possess arms in order to exert our hegemony over the country, or to secure a position in the government. We attach no importance to governance, or to becoming a sultan, and we do not aim for them.

“Some people say they do not need our defense of them, which is because they do not consider Israel as an enemy so that it would pose any threat against them; but those who consider Israel as an enemy must also defend the weapons of the resistance.”
And with that, let's go to the videotape.

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