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Monday, December 26, 2011

Exposed: New Israel Fund supporting religious Zionist organizations

The Ra'ananim organization has exposed a New Israel Fund video in which the New Israel Fund, which supports the likes of Breaking the Silence, Adalah and B'Tselem and the BDS movement, and which supports organizations that provided 95% of the 'information' in the Goldstone Report, reveals that it is now supporting religious Zionist organizations. You can guess why.

Let's go to the videotape.

As you saw in the video, Ra'ananim has called on religious Zionist organizations not to accept money from the New Israel Fund.
The director-general of the New Israel Fund says it will "use religious Zionist organizations", according to a video clip uncovered by the Ra'ananim religious Zionist youth group. The fund currently funnels millions of dollars into such anti-Zionist groups as B'Tselem, Adallah, Yesh Din and Shoverim Shetikah, which, Ra'ananim says "harm Israeli soldiers and the state of Israel daily."

Ra'ananim called on Kolech, Ne'emanei Torah Ve'avodah, Ya'akov Herzog Center and other groups supported by the fund to stop accepting its contributions. The movement said, in a statement, "Religious Zionism is not the playing field of the New [Israel] Fund."

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At 10:59 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Um, what? I don't understand this. NIF is funding orthodox religious groups in order, eventually, to turn them to their Leftist/marxism rather than looking to the Torah for the outline? There is little place for non-aligned Jews in all this. The NIF is Leftist/marxist. The Orthodox are kicking any Jews they don't approve of to the curb rather than working to bring them in... And then there is the Israeli Left brown nosing the historically murderous Euros. The whole thing is ever so unfortunate...


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