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Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't fool yourself Boogie

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe "Boogie" Yaalon told a group of Likud Anglos on Sunday night that the government has managed to persuade the Obama administration that our conflict with the 'Palestinians' should be managed rather than resolved.
"We convinced the American administration that there is no way to solve the conflict in one or two years," Ya'alon told a packed audience at the Orthodox Union's Israel Center. "The US is trying to manage the conflict now, rather than solve it."

This was the first time a high-ranking Netanyahu administration official has indicated that the US had shifted from conflict resolution to management. But there has been no public indication that the Americans have given up their hope of solving the conflict, and the US helped draft the Quartet position that aims to solve the conflict by the end of 2012.

Ya'alon mocked the international community for what he called its "solutionism" and "nowism" in its attempt to solve a conflict that cannot currently be solved. He said the world that has gotten used to getting food in an instant was impatiently insisting on instant peace.

"They say we reached the moon, so why can't we solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?" Ya'alon said. "Do we have a solution for everything? In medicine we don't, not even in mathematics. God has solutions. We as human beings should be more modest."
I happen to believe that the conflict should be managed, not resolved. But someone please tell me that Yaalon doesn't really believe that Obama actually believes this, or Yaalon will be on for a rude awakening on November 7, 2012.

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