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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Does she look like a terrorist? TSA strip-searches 85-year old woman

I wonder if all the Leftist morons who took up the cause of New York Times photographer Lynsey Addario will have anything to say about Obama's TSA strip-searching 85-year old Lenore Zimmerman in New York.
An 85-year-old Long Island grandmother says she plans to sue the TSA after a humiliating strip search on Tuesday by agents at JFK Airport.

Lenore Zimmerman, who lives in Long Beach, says she was on her way to a 1 p.m. flight to Fort Lauderdale when security whisked her to a private room and took off her clothes.

“I walk with a walker — I really look like a terrorist,” she said sarcastically. “I’m tiny. I weigh 110 pounds, 107 without clothes, and I was strip-searched.”

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a review of closed circuit TV footage from the airport shows “proper procedures were followed.”
People like Lenore Zimmerman blow up planes all the time, don't they?

I hope she sues them and I hope she wins.

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