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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another 'accident' in Iran

I'm sure it's just a coincidence. There's been a 'malfunction' that led to a fire and a power outage in Iran's Isfahan oil refinery, the country's second largest.
A malfunction at an Isfahan refinery caused a leakage of cooling water from its generators - the latest in a string of mysterious mishaps in Iran in the past few months. A power outage was created as a result and a state of emergency was declared at the refinery, the Iranian Mehr news agency reported.

According to the report, one person was injured and taken to hospital. Various eye-witnesses reported seeing flames and thick smoke covering the area. The report stated that workers burned off the excess oil and gas in pipes to prevent a blast in the site. Traffic to the site was blocked and all phone lines were disconnected to prevent an explosion.

The Isfahan refinery is the second largest in Iran. A local oil company official said that the situation was under control and that the malfunction would be repaired within several hours. He denied that a fire had broken out.
Coincidence. I'm sure this is all just a coincidence. Heh.

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