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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

An ally no more

Caroline Glick's JPost column this morning is simply a must read. I will give you some excerpts but you must read the whole thing.
Speaking at the annual policy conclave in Washington sponsored by the leftist Brookings Institute's Saban Center for Middle East Policy, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hammered Israel, the only real ally the US has left in the Middle East after Mubarak's fall. Clinton felt it necessary - in the name of democracy - to embrace the positions of Israel's radical Left against the majority of Israelis.

The same Secretary of State that has heralded negotiations with the violent, fanatical misogynists of the Taliban; who has extolled Saudi Arabia where women are given ten lashes for driving, and whose State Department trained female-hating Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the lead-up to the current elections in Egypt accused Israel of repressing women's rights. The only state in the region where women are given full rights and legal protections became the focus of Clinton's righteous feminist wrath.

In the IDF, as in the rest of the country, religious coercion is forbidden. Jewish law prohibits men from listening to women's voices in song. And recently, when a group of religious soldiers were presented with an IDF band that featured female vocalists, keeping faith with their Orthodox observance, they walked out of the auditorium. The vocalists were not barred from singing. They were not mistreated. They were simply not listened to.

And as far as Clinton is concerned, this is proof that women in Israel are under attack. Barred by law from forcing their soldiers to spurn their religious obligations, IDF commanders were guilty of crimes against democracy for allowing the troops to exit the hall.

Clinton didn't end her diatribe with the IDF's supposed war against women. She continued her onslaught by proclaiming that Israel is taking a knife to democracy by permitting its legislators to legislate laws that she doesn't like. The legislative initiatives that provoked the ire of the US Secretary of State are the bills now under discussion which seek to curtail the ability of foreign governments to subvert Israel's elected government by funding non-representative, anti-Israel political NGOs like B'Tselem and Peace Now.

In attacking Israel in the way she did, Clinton showed that she holds Israel to a unique standard of behavior. Whereas fellow Western democracies are within their rights when they undertake initiatives like banning Islamic headdresses from the public square, Israel is a criminal state for affording Jewish soldiers freedom of religion. Whereas the Taliban, who enslave women and girls in the most unspeakable fashion are worthy interlocutors, and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which supports universal female genital mutilation is moderate, Israel is an enemy of democracy for seeking to preserve the government's ability to adopt policies that advance the country's interests.

The unique standard to which Clinton holds the Jewish state is the standard of human perfection.

And as far as she is concerned, if Israel is not perfect, then it is unworthy of support. And since Israel, as a nation of mere mortals can never be perfect, it is necessarily always guilty.
That's actually what Jimmy Carter thought as well.
Dershowitz goes through a lengthy list of misstatements, deceptions and out-and-out lies contained in Carter's book. None of which are all that surprising - they are consistent with the way Yasser Arafat would want the story told. Given this story at the end, it's not surprising either that Carter tells the story the way Arafat would want it told:

And it's not just the facts; it's the tone as well. It's obvious that Mr. Carter just doesn't like Israel or Israelis. He lectured Golda Meir on Israeli's "secular" nature, warning her that " Israel was punished whenever its leaders turned away from devout worship of God." He admits that he did not like Menachem Begin. He has little good to say about any Israelis — except those few who agree with him. But he apparently got along swimmingly with the very secular Syrian mass-murderer Hafez al-Assad. Mr. Carter and his wife Rosalynn also had a fine time with the equally secular Arafat — a man who has the blood of hundreds of Americans and Israelis on his hands:

Rosalynn and I met with Yasir Arafat in Gaza City, where he was staying with his wife, Suha, and their little daughter. The baby, dressed in a beautiful pink suit, came readily to sit on my lap, where I practiced the same wiles that had been successful with our children and grandchildren. A lot of photographs were taken, and then the photographers asked that Arafat hold his daughter for a while. When he took her, the child screamed loudly and reached out her hands to me, bringing jovial admonitions to the presidential candidate to stay at home enough to become acquainted with is own child.

There is something quite disturbing about these pictures.

Glick continues.
Panetta excoriated Israel for not being involved in negotiations with the Palestinians. Israel, he said must make new concessions to the Palestinians in order to convince them of its good faith. If Israel makes such gestures, and the Palestinians and the larger Islamic world spurn them, then Panetta and his friends will side with Israel, he said.

Panetta failed to notice that Israel has already made repeated, unprecedented concessions to the Palestinians and that the Palestinians have pocketed those concessions and refused to negotiate. And he failed to notice that in response to the repeated spurning of its concessions by the Palestinians and the Arab world writ large, rather than stand with Israel, the US and Europe expanded their demands for further Israeli concessions.

Panetta demanded that Israel make renewed gestures as well to appease the Egyptians, Turks and Jordanians. He failed to notice that it was Turkey's Islamist government, not Israel, that took a knife to the Turkish-Israeli strategic alliance.

As for Egypt, rather than recognize the strategic implications for the US and Israel alike of Egypt's transformation into an Islamic state, the US Defense Secretary demanded that Israel ingratiate itself with Egypt's military junta. Thanks in large part to the Obama administration, that junta is now completely beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As for Jordan, again thanks to the US's support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its aligned groups in Libya and Tunisia, the Hashemite regime is seeking to cut a deal with the Jordanian branch of the movement in a bid to save itself from Mubarak's fate. Under these circumstances, there is no gesture that Israel can make to its neighbor to the east that would empower King Abdullah to extol the virtues of peace with the Jewish state.

Then there is Iran, and its nuclear weapons program.


In the administration's fantasy universe, Israel is the only actor on the world stage. Its detractors, whether in the Islamic world or Europe, are mere objects. They are bereft of judgment or responsibility for their actions.

There are two possible explanations for this state of affairs - and they are not mutually exclusive. It is possible that the Obama administration is an ideological echo chamber in which only certain positions are permitted. This prospect is likely given the White House's repeated directives prohibiting government officials from using terms like "jihad," "Islamic terrorism," "Islamist," and "jihadist," to describe jihad, Islamic terrorism, Islamists and jihadists.

Restrained by ideological thought police that outlaw critical thought about the dominant forces in the Islamic world today, US officials have little choice but to place all the blame for everything that goes wrong on the one society they are free to criticize - Israel.

The second possible explanation for the administration's treatment of Israel is that it is permeated by anti-Semitism. The outsized responsibility and culpability placed on Israel by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Panetta and Gutman is certainly of a piece with classical anti-Semitic behavior.
Like I said, read the whole thing. Sadly, it is an accurate portrayal of the current reality and it will only get worse if - God forbid - Hussein Obama is reelected.

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At 5:12 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carl.

Caroline has put the truth in writing, Truer Words Were Never Spoken.Indeed a MUST read.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Leah said...

It really is enough to make me want to puke. In the meantime at night when I go to bed i have a few quiet moments to myself where I speak to Hashem and ask Him to bring Moshiach and I temporarily release the stress of this era in words to the Almighty.
It is unfathomable to my jewish mind the level of deep seeded hate that the world has for the Jew. I am going to coin a term for which I do not have the author. It comes from a Jew who was standing in front of his nazi executioner when the nazi asked the jew why he was smiling. The jew responded to the effect: "I am smiling because I am not the one who is the murderer."
....and to think, all we have to do is stop speaking loshon hora against each other and to work on our interpersonal relationships....

At 5:42 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Excellent dissertation by Caroline. Now I would like to hear this, or even some part of this, from a less non-Left average Israeli. Because I don't think they'll say it. They LOVE the Clintons. Your govt MFA people gushed over Obama and both Clintons before the '08 election. I think your Likud people love the Clintons. A bunch of you guys think that the problem is the dumb American Jews, but I beg to differ. While the bickering and obstinacy must play some historical role in our survival and regrowth, I would say that at any particular moment of maybe moving past it, the prospect of working together would be far more effective. But maybe this is just how it is.

At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glick is a liar. There are so many untruths above it's unbelievable.

The Muslim Brotherhood do not support universial female genital mutiliation. Is Glick this illiterate? The practice existed before the Muslim Brotherhood were even there, and it's practiced by non Muslims too. It's not a religious thing,

Anyway, the Muslim Brotherhood will be the next rulers in Egypt now that the tyrant Mubarak has gone (good riddance to traitorous rubbish)

Glick subverts US politics herself and she has the gall to criticise Clinton? At least Clinton is a fully fledged American, Glick is not. Tell her to get lost to Israel and stay there, until it's time for reckoning.


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