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Friday, December 09, 2011

5 French UNIFIL troops wounded in Lebanon

Five French UNIFIL troops and two other persons were wounded by a roadside bomb near Tyre, Lebanon on Friday.
"I can confirm that a UNIFIL vehicle was hit by an explosion in Tyre," UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tenenti said.

A Reuters reporter saw six wounded people at the scene minutes after the explosion. Security sources said five of them were French UNIFIL personnel, and that two passersby had also been wounded. Most of the injuries were light but medical sources said one of the UNIFIL soldiers was badly wounded.

Friday's attack followed two roadside bombings targeting UNFIL forces near the city of Sidon earlier this year. In May six Italian peacekeepers were woundedLink, prompting Italy to look into reducing its peacekeeping contribution in Lebanon.

Two months later six French soldiers were wounded in another attack.
The French are not thrilled with the 'well-negotiated' Security Council Resolution 1701, which set up UNIFIL's current configuration and operating rules. They're looking for an excuse to leave. Hezbullah has enough weapons that it no longer needs to tolerate UNIFIL nor does it need it for cover.

What could go wrong?

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