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Thursday, November 10, 2011

You're telling me we can't afford it?

Clal Finance warns on Thursday that an attack against Iran's nuclear program would be too expensive.
A leading Israeli investment firm said on Thursday any military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would exact an economic price too high for the world to accept, and as a result, it would likely acquiesce to a nuclear Iran.

A sharp rise in the price of oil, the costs of war and the damage to global trade would be too great and deter world powers from taking any serious action, said Amir Kahanovich, chief economist at Clal Finance, one of Israel's largest brokerage houses.

The assessment differed sharply from Israel's official position that Tehran's nuclear aspirations are unacceptable and that all options are on the table in preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, which it views as a threat to its existence.

In a report "The Iranian Issue through Economic Eyes," Kahanovich laid out courses of action - ranging from additional "light sanctions" to military strikes - and told investors the world would likely balk at taking the steps needed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Even for Israel the economic cost of a military confrontation that could include retaliatory missile attacks by Tehran and proxies in Gaza and Lebanon would be too high, Kahanovich wrote.

"Unfortunately, it appears that a nuclear Iran is the most reasonable scenario," he added.
And what does he think it will cost if Iran actually uses those nuclear weapons?

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At 9:36 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Another reason not to allow grey marcuse marxism to win the day. Like the Euros, Russians, etc. we'll have generations of slogging back and forth, with no one able to "afford" to create the type of peaceful prosperity (even among the "poor")that America has created. Amazing that people will undercut life in order to mollify their own envy and coveting.

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the article; "Even for Israel the economic cost of a military confrontation that could include retaliatory missile attacks by Tehran..." ---------------- That is why I have posted a plan here many times that calls for attacking Iran, not just going after the nuclear sites. In fact the nuclear sites may not even need to be bombed after Irans military and government are destroyed. For the last time [I promise} I will post my plan for dealing with the Iran problem. This is using the U.S., I am not sure Israel has the capability to do this alone. -------------- Using our Navy, Air Force and missiles [along with some Special Forces] we should start by taking out Irans military bases, especially the republican guard and command and control [radar, communications etc.].
Our navy and Air Force are more than capable of carrying out those strikes at the same time.
We should also go after their government, with the technology we have it shouldn’t be that hard to know where they are at and target them. Then after Irans government and military are destroyed and I do mean destroyed, no half measures.

Then we can go after the nuclear targets if we choose to.

You have to hit them hard and fast otherwise they could retaliate. If we could get some or all of our allies to join in, it would make accomplishing it in very short order.

This would also have an effect on Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, PA, North Korea, Venezuela and others, by removing Iran as a sponsor.
---------------- Every morning I awake hoping to see that this plan has been executed.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

They would rather be nuked to smithereens than fight! Oh how the mighty are fallen!!


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