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Friday, November 11, 2011

Released 'Palestinian' terrorist on hunger strike against the 'Palestinian Authority'

This is rich.

41-year old Amal Jumaa, who served nine years of an 11-year sentence in an Israeli prison before being released in the terrorists for Gilad trade three weeks ago, has gone on a hunger strike against the 'Palestinian Authority' for not providing her with promised medical care.
Jumaa told Ma’an that she has been in hospital for 13 days and wanted to "officially announce today an open hunger strike because they failed to provide necessary treatment for me."

President Mahmoud Abbas "issued a directive to transfer me abroad for treatment. I've been waiting for days."

Amal was hospitalized in Nablus for complications due to bleeding in her stomach. She suffers cancer of the uterus and other serious health issues complicated by her time in jail.

Jumaa's family has said that their daughter's case was taken on by the office of the president. Her family is also asking officials to intervene and if possible send her to a hospital abroad.

Jumaa was transferred to hospital days after her release from Israeli prison, says her brother Jameel. She belonged to Fatah's armed wing, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison and served nine.

On Thursday, Jumaa wondered aloud if the Palestinian Authority wanted her die, asking why they didn't leave her in jail to hasten the process. The patient suffers breathing and urinary complications.

Jumaa’s doctor, Sami Abdul Rahman al-Shannar, told Ma’an that Jumaa is suffering from severe complications after a hysterectomy including infections of the respiratory system.


Fitna Abu Eisha, another recently released female prisoner, threatened Thursday that all the female former prisoners would join Jumaa's hunger strike if she was not transferred abroad for treatment.
That would be interesting.

Hamas has offered to treat her in Gaza, and the 'Palestinian Authority' is trying to arrange treatment in Jordan. Maybe they just need some more money. Heh.

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