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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Puppy love, 'Palestinian' style

I have to get you in the proper mood for this, so here's Paul Anka (sorry - I was never too crazy about Donnie Osmond) singing Puppy Love.

Let's go to the videotape.

Tom Gross reports on Puppy Love among the released 'Palestinian' terrorists.
* Omar Ghraieb: “He was from Fatah and she was from Hamas, the two rival Palestinian movements. They were both serving multiple life sentences. They had participated in killings – she for her role in a Jerusalem restaurant bombing, he in connection with the killing of an Israeli. As lovers go they could not have been more star crossed, yet Nezar and Ahlam Al Tammimi met, fell in love, got engaged and finally married while they were sitting in Israeli jails. Both were among some 450 Palestinian prisoners swapped for Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit last week.”

* Tom Gross adds: Tammimi is one of the worst terrorists of recent years, proudly taking responsibility for her key role in the Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem which killed 16 Israelis (including 12 children) and injured 150. (Contrast Israel’s allowing prisoners to meet and marry, with Gilad Shalit’s treatment in Gaza.)
Actually, from what I have read, they are not married... yet. Ghareib's article, which Gross quotes in its entirety further into his dispatch, gives the impression that they have married. And there's one other small problem.
Ahlam's sister, Iftikhar Aref, said that the family never [dared to] hope that one day Nizar and Ahlam would be freed. "Thank God that it has happened," she added. "When we heard that both were part of the exchange deal, we started arranging a party for them here in Jordan." Although Nizar was able to return to his home in Nabi Saleh, Ahlam was deported to Jordan. "We will complete preparations for the marriage between Ahlam and Nizar," said Iftikhar, "and if Ahlam is unable to go to Nabi Saleh, then Nizar will have to come to Jordan." There are no security and travel restrictions on Nizar as there are on some of the released prisoners.
Nabi Saleh is in Samaria. If Nizar moves to Jordan, that's fine with me for now. Another 'Palestinian' moving to the 'Palestinian' state. And eventually, they'll both get what's coming to them and not a moment too soon. Heh.

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