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Friday, November 11, 2011

'Palestinians' threaten violence if they don't get their way

You just knew this was coming. With the 'Palestinians' lacking even the nine Security Council votes necessary to force the US to exercise its veto against their unilateral reichlet, 'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen is threatening that if the 'Palestinians' don't get their way, there will be violence.
A Palestinian Authority official warned Thursday that the region could be headed toward “violence and anarchy” because of the failure of the Palestinian statehood bid.

PA officials in Ramallah refused to say what they were planning to do now that the bid at the UN Security Council seems to have failed.

A UN Security Council subcommittee is expected to report Friday that the PA does not have the nine votes it needs to assure the council’s approval of its request for full UN membership.

According to the subcommittee, at least seven of the body’s 15 members won’t vote in support of the measure. Among them are the US, which will oppose it, and the United Kingdom and France, which will abstain.

The US had planned to veto the measure if it passed the Security Council.

But the PA pushed forward anyway, seeking to score a moral victory by securing the necessary backing and showing that the US was isolated in its support of Israel.

The PA’s inability to achieve this support weakens its president, Mahmoud Abbas.

Nimer Hammad, political adviser to Abbas, said that the Arab League foreign ministers would meet in the coming days to discuss the repercussions of the statehood bid’s failure at the Security Council.

He said the Arab League would discuss the options facing the PA now, but did not elaborate.

PA officials on Thursday expressed outrage with the US administration, Britain and France for opposing the statehood bid.

“The Americans, British and French leaders are hypocrites and liars,” the official told The Jerusalem Post. “They are not any better than [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu.”
What these spoiled brats need is a good, hard slap across the face. And if they start up again, hopefully the IDF will give it to them.

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