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Monday, November 07, 2011

'Palestinians' planting bomb run into tank fire

Three 'Palestinian' terrorists has a blast while planting a bomb along the Gaza security fence on Monday afternoon. They met up with some tank shells. All three are still alive, but they had an explosive experience.
An IDF force opened fire on a Palestinian terror cell that was planting two explosive devices along the Gaza Strip-Israel border fence Monday afternoon.

The IDF Spokesman's Office said fire was opened after the cell was identified planting the bombs, adding that an "accurate strike" was confirmed by the army. The army directed tank fire at the terror cell. Three Palestinians were injured in the IDF response, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported, citing medical sources in Gaza.

"Terrorist elements exploit their presence near the border fence to plant explosives, and plan attacks and kidnappings on IDF soldiers. This presence poses a threat to Israeli citizens and to security forces that operate in the area," the spokesman added.
Those three terrorists just had a blast. Heh.

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