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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Only in Israel: Police arrest a goat

Yes, I know, that should say "knowing whom to blame." But seriously, Israeli police arrested four 'hilltop youth' who were living in an 'illegal outpost' in Samaria. And they arrested a pet goat belonging to one of the four. But wait, it gets worse: The kids were released while police continued to hold the goat.
However, on Sunday, after arresting four teens who entered a closed military area with the intention of resettling the Ramat Migron outpost, officers were surprised to discover a new resident roaming the hills along with them – a goat named Geula.

The four – three of which are minors – were taken in for investigation at the Binyamin police station, and two were released under limiting conditions. The two others were brought before the court, and the only one to stay behind and spend the entire day at the police station – Geula the goat.

Police officers at the station refused to release the goat until the teens sign a document obligating them to keep the animal away from the outpost. Eventually, it was released without limiting conditions.

"At first the police officers demanded that the goat be released on bail, but later they changed their minds and asked us to sign an obligation not to bring the goat back to the outpost," the 17-year-old owner of Geula told Ynet.

"We didn’t even get a copy of the document we signed, which just goes to show that even the police realized how ridiculous the whole thing is. They wanted someone over the age of 18 to sign the agreement, and I am only 17 – that's why the goat was detained for so many hours after we were already released."
Police are now claiming that they didn't arrest the goat - they just brought it along. Baaaah!

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At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is bail for a goat? A basketful of hay and turnips?


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