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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama tries to change the subject

On Monday, President Obama was asked by NBC's Chuck Todd about that 'hot mic' conversation with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Here's his response.
With respect to the “hot mic” in France, I’m not going to comment on conversations that I have with individual leaders, but what I will say is this: The primary conversation I had with President Sarkozy in that meeting revolved around my significant disappointment that France had voted in favor of the Palestinians joining UNESCO, knowing full well that under our laws, that would require the United States cutting off funding to UNESCO, and after I had consistently made the argument that the only way we’re going to solve the Middle East situation is if Palestinians and Israelis sit down at the table and negotiate; that it is not going to work to try to do an end run through the United Nations.

So I had a very frank and firm conversation with President Sarkozy about that issue. And that is consistent with both private and public statements that I’ve been making to everybody over the last several months.
And you thought he was talking about Netanyahu, didn't you?

Well, he was. He's a liar.

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At 2:53 AM, Blogger Thermblog said...

This supports my theory that Sarkozy moved to Naughty Netanyahu as a topic in order to get away from the criticism he was getting over the UNESCO vote.

We knew from the outset that the UNESCO discussion came first. Reported elsewhere was that France had supported the NO side and changed their vote at the last minute.

None of this exonerates Obie and Sarky. They are still guilty of using Netanyahu as a scapegoat. (Perhaps this is what the Jews were chosen for.)


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