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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Moronic: Israel to renew funds transfer to 'Palestinian Authority'

Israel is apparently going to follow in the United States' footsteps and renew the transfer of funds to the 'Palestinian Authority' where they can be put to such important uses as building homes for released mass murderers and paying 'salaries' to terrorists. This is from the first link.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak has voiced his objection to the decision to halt the funds, stressing that Ramallah needed the funds in order to pay the Palestinian security forces' salaries.

Security collaboration between Israel and the Palestinian forces in the West Bank is considered successful, and Barak considers them vital in the war on West Bank-based terror groups.


A Jerusalem official told Ynet that "Israel does not wish to see the Palestinian Authority crumble… we want to see the issue resolved soon."

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, however, supports suspending the funds, as a punitive measure against the Palestinians for their unilateral moves.

The defense establishment dislikes the notion, saying it may compromise the Palestinian security forces' ties with their Israeli counterparts.
So when they turn their guns on us, can we finally stop giving them money? Is there anything else they can do that might lead Barak to reconsider whether this is a good idea? Keep in mind that Barak is the guy who went to Camp David and tried to give the store away and then let hundreds of Israelis die in the first months of the intifada, telling us "we will know how to respond."


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