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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Congress to investigate 'Palestinian' use of US funds

It's about time.

Congress will investigate the use of American funds by the 'Palestinian Authority' after a Yisrael Beiteinu MK sent a letter detailing the construction of homes for, and subsidization of living expenses of, freed terrorists by the 'Palestinian Authority.'
Congressmen Ted Deutsch (D-FLA) and Steve Israel (D-NY) have asked US Comptroller-General Gene Dodaro to investigate the Palestinian Authority’s use of American funding, three weeks after MK Moshe Matalon (Israel Beiteinu) sent a letter informing the budget committees of the US Senate and House of Representatives of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s policy to pay murderers released from Israeli prisons $5,000 and build them new homes.

“Many of the released prisoners were convicted of orchestrating and carrying out Hamas-sponsored terrorist attacks in Israel, including the bombing of a Tel Aviv nightclub that killed 21 people, the attack on a Netanya hotel that killed 29 people, and the bombing of a Sbarro Pizzeria that killed 15 people,” Deutsch and Israel wrote.

The two congressmen explained to Dodaro that they “are troubled by reports of President Abbas’ use of Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) funds to provide housing for these convicted terrorists.”

According to the letter, the US contributed to the PIF after PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad founded it in 2002 “under a framework of transparency and accountability.” However, recently there has been “ambiguity surrounding the amount of US taxpayer dollars contributed to the PIF,” Deutsch and Israel wrote.

In addition to Abbas’ plans to build houses for terrorists, Deutsch and Israel “are concerned about the increasing lack of transparency for the PIF as well as reports that Prime Minister Fayyad is no longer overseeing the fund and that Hamas has taken control of PIF assets in Gaza.”

The letter also requests that the US Government Accountability Office, which Dodaro heads, investigate whether US Economic Support Funds (ESF) given to the PA were used to fund Abbas’ ’”trips around the world “on his misguided attempt to unilaterally declare statehood at the United Nations…efforts that are in direct contravention of US policy.”

The congressmen say US ESF should not be used “to fund Mr. Abbas’ extensive lobbying to achieve a Palestinian state by any means other than direct negotiations with Israel.”

“The US must be unequivocally committed to ensuring that American taxpayer dollars are used to serve the interests of the US and our allies around the world,” Deutsch and Israel wrote.
Additionally, Israel Radio reported late Thursday night that the Israeli government has decided to continue to withhold tax revenues from the 'Palestinian Authority' in light of the 'progress' reported at talks between Fatah and Hamas in Cairo on Thursday. According to a statement released by the government, Abu Mazen must understand that the closer he gets to Hamas, the further he gets from peace. Somehow, that seems to concern us a lot more than it concerns Abu Mazen.

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