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Friday, November 25, 2011

Carrying a big stick

On an official visit to Greece, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon committed Israel to defend militarily Greek drilling for oil and gas off the coast of Cyprus (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Asked at a news briefing Tuesday what Israel's reaction is to a threat by Turkey regarding drilling in Cyprus, Ayalon said, “If anyone tries to challenge these drillings, we will meet those challenges.”

Ayalon, the first foreign official to visit Greece since the formation of its new government, added that he did not think that Turkey would challenge any drilling in the southeast Mediterranean. Turkey said last month it would send naval forces to protect its drilling rights.

The briefing was held at the residence of Israeli Ambassador to Greece Arie Mekel. Ayalon is on an official visit to Greece.

Greece's deputy foreign minister, Dimitris Dollis, stressed in his meeting with Ayalon that Israel-Greece relations upgraded in the past year would continue and be strengthened in the near future. Dollis said the ties would not be affected by the change of government in Greece.
So we're going to send Shayetet 13 to attack Turkish warships in the Mediterranean? That ought to be interesting....

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At 4:46 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Dudes, hope you are out there drilling your own oil and gas and not just providing bouncers for Greece/Cyprus. Focus!


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