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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Your (US) tax dollars at work

Jonathan Schanzer reports that American tax dollars are contributing to a 'Palestinian' investment fund that is at least partly controlled by Hamas.
In early March, Hamas took control of the PIF offices by force in Gaza, where the terrorist group acts as the de facto government. Hamas now control's PIF bank accounts, the luxury Hanadi Tower office building, a juice factory, cars, and other assets.

PIF officers in the West Bank cede that these assets are lost. They sent out an email noting that Hamas had "confiscated some of its assets and properties," condemning the action as illegal. The fund declared that it "won't be responsible for any future measures, deals or agreements" associated with those holdings, and that whatever Hamas may do with them "doesn't represent the PIF or its companies and properties."

But Hamas does represent the PIF in Gaza. How else would those assets still be considered part of the PIF portfolio?

Hamas may control the PIF in other ways, too.
Read the whole thing. Aren't you glad that your government (if you are an American) supports 'Palestine'?

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