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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What 'violent Jewish settlers'?

The mainstream media loves to portray the revenants as a violent lot. But CAMERA's Steven Stotsky reports that a look at the statistics regarding violence between revenants and 'Palestinian' terrorists shows that the 'Palestinians' are far more violent.
For example, the pro-Palestinian advocacy group B'Tselem has kept a tally of fatal incidents in the West Bank, including the period of the second intifada. Nine times more Jewish civilians have been murdered by Palestinians in the West Bank than Palestinians murdered by Jewish settlers. Detailed accounts of each incident reveal that during the past 11 years, out of 46 Arabs killed by Jewish civilians in the West Bank, 23 were cases of self-defense against armed Palestinian assailants. Just 23 Palestinian Arabs have been killed by Jewish settlers in circumstances that were not evident self-defense. In that same period 215 Jewish civilians have been murdered by Arabs in the West Bank.


According to B'Tselem's accounts, of the 50 Palestinian Arabs listed as having been killed by Jewish settlers in the past 11 years (including four in Gaza), 20 of them were killed while conducting armed infiltrations of Jewish communities, five were slain while engaging in potentially lethal stone throwing incidents on roadways and two were killed assaulting security guards. Among the remaining 23, several were killed in the vicinity of settlements in uncertain circumstances.

By contrast, the 215 Jewish settlers murdered in the West Bank (250 if Gaza is included) involved almost without exception clear-cut circumstances in which Palestinian assailants targeted their victims, often in home invasions involving the slaughter of entire families, gang assaults on hikers or attacks on civilian vehicles. Other sources, like the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the United Nations (OCHA) confirm the relatively few murders committed by Jewish settlers and the much higher number of lethal assaults by Palestinian Arabs.
But of course, the mainstream media isn't letting a little thing like evidence disturb their agenda.

Read the whole thing.

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