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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What if it were your child or sibling?

As more and more families discover that the murderers of their loved ones are being released, more people are becoming upset about the terrorists for Gilad trade. Here are two more examples.
"What they did to us is like a slap in the face. We need to hear about the terrorist who killed our daughter being released from the media? Everyone is happy and dancing in our blood and with all due respect to Gilad's smiling mother, there are hundreds of parents whose heart is bleeding today."

Harsh words from Haim Karisi who lost his daughter Yasmin in the Azor Junction terror attack 11 years ago. On Sunday he was finding it hard to bear the insult as he discovered that Khalil Mohammed Abu Ulbah, the murderer who cost him his daughter, was one of the 477 prisoners set to be released in the first phase of the Shalit deal.

Abu Ulbah was sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences following the February 14 terror attack in 2001 in which he used a bus to run over a group of female soldiers near the Azor Junction. Eight died in the attack and 26 were wounded. Yasmin Karisi was one of those who did not survive.

"We sent our girl to the army, just like they sent Gilad. My girl never made it back and today I feel humiliated, what did we ask for? For them to show a little sensitivity? Cooperation?
After Abu Ulbah's attack, all Gaza 'Palestinians' were banned from working in Israel. That ban remains in effect today. But his story and that of his victims is probably a lot less familiar to you than this next story will be.
"The government lied to all the bereaved families. They promised the bereaved parents that the terrorists would never get out. Ehud Barak made a personal promise to me that this terrorist would never see the light of day. I knew that day that he had lied to me. I told everyone that it was only a matter of time before the next deal. I saw the Goldwasser and Regev deal and I knew that it was only a matter of time before the murderers of my brother (are released)."

The painful monologue above belongs to Michael Norzich, brother of Vadim, who was murdered by a mob in Ramallah in the year 2000. Michael said that no one called to tell him that one of the murderers of his brother is included in the list of 477 prisoners who will be released as part of the first phase of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal.

Abed Alaziz Salaha, who was photographed in the horrific photo with his hands covered with blood in what has become the symbol of the second intifada, was sentenced to life in prison but is expected to be released on Tuesday.

"The pain is stronger today," Michael told Ynet. "Not because of the deal itself but because of the way it is carried out. It is not a deal but a major loss. It is a twisted deal. You don't release at any cost. There is a price. You cannot give it all."


Salaha, 30, from the village of Dir Jarid near Ramallah, was arrested in 2001 and admitted that he was part of the mob that stormed the police station, and that he strangled one of the soldiers while the others beat him.

When he saw that his hands were covered with the soldiers' blood, he went to the window to proudly show his hands to the mob below.
Yes, that's the infamous picture at the top of this post. That animal is just one of 477 going free to bring Gilad home.

I hope someone is happy about this.


In case you have forgotten, here is part of the Italian television video of the Ramallah lynch with Hebrew narration.

Let's go to the videotape.

One of the things they say in the video is that it took SEVEN YEARS to catch the last perpetrator. How long has/will he serve in jail?

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At 11:04 PM, Blogger Jeff B's Blog said...

Unfortunately, the Israeli govt. is incapable of ever telling the truth about any of their activities, tachlis!

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Droid said...

This deal must be stopped.

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ain't your grandfather's Likud. The spirit of Gahal have come and gone.

At 7:00 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

As Shy Guy would say, Israel's Stupid Jews have told the families of terror victims to sit down and shut up.

To their surprise, no one's following the script.

What could go wrong indeed


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