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Friday, October 07, 2011

Palmer murderers caught

Two 'Palestinians' from Halhul, outside of Hebron, have admitted throwing the stones that caused 24-year old Asher Palmer to veer off the road and flip his car over, killing him and his 20-month old son Yonatan HY"D (may God avenge their blood). And three more 'Palestinians' have confessed that they went up to Palmer's car after the crash and stole his weapon.
According to the Shin Bet, the two Palestinians confessed during their interrogation to throwing the rock at Palmer's car on September 23, which caused him to run off the road and flip over, killing him and his infant son Yonathan.

During the investigation, three additional Palestinians were arrested, who admitted to stealing Palmer's gun after the fatal crash. The Shin Bet retrieved the weapon during the course of the investigation.

Initially, the police and the IDF had downplayed the possibility that stones had been thrown at the scene of the accident near Kiryat Arba but after an Israel Police investigation, the Defense Ministry recognized Palmer and his son as terror victims.

Senior IDF officers told reporters in briefings late last month that while soldiers at the scene at the time of the accident had not seen any stone-throwing, the army and the police were looking into the possibility that a rock had been thrown from a passing car.

But settlers believe that the army deliberately mislead them and the media, so as not to further inflame the region because the attack occurred on the same day that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech on unilateral Palestinian statehood to the United Nations.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) called for spokespeople and all those in the security forces who he charged "deliberately deceived" the public to be fired.

Settlers leaders said they welcomed the IDF's determined pursuit of the killers.
YNet says that this may not be the only time that these particular 'Palestinians' have thrown stones at passing cars.
During their interrogation, the suspects admitted to throwing the stone which caused the deaths of Asher and Yonatan. The stone was hurled from a driving car. Police are also looking into the possibility that the two are behind 17 other cases involving stones being hurled at Israeli vehicles.


The Palmer family received the news of the arrest with mixed feelings. Asher Palmer's brother Moshe Palmer said: "It helps a little to give a sense of closure, but my dealing with it has less to do with the question of whether the murderers were caught or not.

"I'm still trying to digest everything that happened. The penny hasn't really dropped for us, it's difficult to comprehend."

"I have never felt the need for revenge but I'm glad they were arrested," he added. "Why they did what they did – is no great secret. It doesn't make the pain any easier, but it's good that a relatively short time after the incident, they managed to apprehend the people. I believe that those responsible for catching these people have done their job properly."
Just some more terrorists to include in the next 'prisoner exchange'....

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At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so fast, Carl! Terrorists? Exchange???! According to international legal expert Mahmoud Abbas these are POWs, "combatants" who cannot be seized, tried, inconvenienced, or otherwise impaired by the colonizing Zionists.


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