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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kadima MK's back 'partner for democracy' status for PLO in EU

Knesset Member Arieh Eldad (National Union) has left a Knesset delegation to the European Parliament on the grounds that the putative chair of the delegation - Doron Avital of Kadima - supported the PLO being granted 'partner for democracy' status by the European Union, and because Avital used his status as 'head' of the delegation to prevent Eldad from speaking out against the proposal.
"Instead of fighting the Palestinians' attempt to better its international status in the Council of Europe, Avital supported the move, even when some European parliamentarians opposed accepting them as 'Partners for Democracy,'" Eldad said.

The National Union MK explained that "head delegate" is a symbolic position, and "a delegation leader has never taken advantage of his position in this way before, acting like the power had gone to his head."

Avital gave himself "the exclusive right to speak before the European Council," according to Eldad.

"When he realized that even his fellow Kadima member, Rachel Adatto, would not align herself with Avital's opinions, he would not allow other delegation members to speak," Eldad said.

Once Eldad was given the opportunity to speak, Avital prefaced his words by saying the National MK's opinions did not represent "the stance of the Knesset."

"I did not come to Strasbourg to hear harmful words from Arabs and hatred of Israel from some of the European parliamentarians without being allowed to respond," the National Union MK stated upon his return to Israel.

Following Eldad's departure, Avital told The Jerusalem Post: "Eldad had the opportunity to express his opinion before the European Parliament, and used it to say that Jordan is the Palestinian State. This stance is irresponsible, and not shared with the government of Israel or most Members of Knesset."

"If Eldad claims to represent the State of Israel," Avital added, "he should at least listen to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Bar Ilan speech, in which he discusses the future Palestinian state and its borders."

Avital also said that his support for the Palestinians' status was accepted as "responsible and mature" by the European Parliament. He explained that, while the PLO is now a "Partner for Democracy," the status will be subject to review biannually, and requires "steps towards democratization and a long list of demands.

"The democratization of Palestinian society is a clear Israeli interest," the Kadima MK concluded.
Who gives an opposition MK the power to decide what is a 'clear Israeli interest'? Do Netanyahu and the coalition believe that granting 'partner in democracy' status to an organization that seeks to destroy the State of Israel, and whose alleged 'democracy' has not held an election for more than three years since the term of its 'President' expired is a 'clear Israeli interest'?

Whatever Netanyahu's views may be, they seem to be much closer to Eldad's views than to Avital's. Especially given the Foreign Ministry's relatively robust defense of Israel's right to the entire country - at least recently - one would hope that members of the coalition will speak out against what Avital did and ensure that it will not happen again.

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At 4:44 PM, Blogger Moriah said...

"Avital also said that his support for the Palestinians' status was accepted as "responsible and mature" by the European Parliament."

All this betrayal of Israel by it's Left and Right is for an admiring glance by the Europeans. It makes me nauseous ..

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Avital is striving to get the Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski Prize for Peace...

If the White Tribe of Israel is dead set upon its own extinction, Diaspora Friends of the Dodo efforts are not going to amount to very much.


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