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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half the prisoners to be released in Grapel deal are 'security prisoners' (i.e. terrorists)

On Monday, we were told that the number of Egyptians we are to free in 'exchange' for American-Israeli anarchist Ilan Grapel had been reduced to 25. On Tuesday, we found out why: Half of them are 'security prisoners.' That's a nice way of saying terrorists.
In a statement, Almagor [the terror victims' rights organization. CiJ] claimed that half the prisoners had provided weapons to terrorists, while the other half were involved in smuggling drugs.

"The Israeli government is turning herself into a Mediterranean bazaar for her kidnapped citizens, making them a living commodity for terrorists and governments," the group said.

Almagor called on Israeli citizens to avoid traveling in Muslim countries, to avoid the possibility of being kidnapped or arrested for political purposes. "Israelis traveling in Turkey and Jordan may find themselves in a similar situation as Grapel, and consider these events as a travel warning."

Egyptian media had reported that the three of the prisoners are minors who had been acquitted of illegally crossing into Israel to sell cigarettes, but remained imprisoned after prosecutors appealed the ruling.

Israel, with the help of the United States, reached a deal with Egypt for the young man’s freedom, in exchange for the release of 25 Egyptian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Grapel, whose family lives in Queens, is a student at Emory Law School in Atlanta and has served in the Israeli army.

He had gone to Cairo to work in a legal aid organization.

Egypt accused Grapel of being an Israeli spy and inciting protesters against Egypt’s military. Israel and the Grapel family have denied the charges.
In fact, the Egyptians themselves have admitted that there is nothing behind the charges.

By the way, there's a real Israeli in the Egyptian jails as well.
On Monday, conflicting reports emerged over whether a second Israeli citizen would be included in the deal: Ouda Tarabin – a Beduin shepherd held for over a decade on spying charges after illegally entering Egypt.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel is “doing its best” to ensure Tarabin’s release.
On Tuesday afternoon, Tarabin's brother told Israel Radio that he is not being released. He has been imprisoned in Egypt for 11 years without trial.

Almagor is right that trading in kidnapped Israelis has become a market here. I will have more on that later.

By the way, the two people in the photo with Grapel are Kadima MK Yisrael Hasson and Yitzchak Molcho - Netanyahu's private attorney and troubleshooter. They report that Grapel is fine and that his main complaint is that he is lonely. Boo. Hoo.

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At 3:43 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

I hope he stays in Egypt to be repeatedly re kidnapped. It would be the greatest testament of all to Plan Obama.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so the release of these "security prisoners" is OK according to the Obama administration. I suppose US politics trumps all. Obama can now show he pushed for the release of a Jewish-American, to show that he is not an antisemite. I agree moron should have been left to rot same as those leftist-idiots who walked into Iran.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Shalit deal has demolished government scruples about swapping terrorists for captive Israelis. Its like an addiction. No one in Israel believes government promises this is the last time this will ever happen.

Yeah, sure.


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