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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beck slams caller who says he'd 'like to see Jews neutralized in this nation'

On Tuesday, Glenn Beck slammed a caller who said that he'd 'like to see Jews neutralized in this nation.'

I'm going to put up two videos for you. The first one is the segment that led to the call, in which Beck played and mocked David Duke's endorsement of Occupy Wall Street.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Sunlight).

Here's caller Scott, who admires David Duke and wants to see Jews 'neutralized.'

Let's go to the videotape.

And you thought there were no more Scott's in the US, didn't you?

Here's what happened next:
Glenn eventually had enough, quickly dismissing Scott as soon as he finished spouting his horrific rhetoric.

“If he keeps talking like that, people are going to think he’s stupid,” Stu joked.

“They shouldn’t think he’s stupid. They should understand he’s extraordinarily dangerous,” Glenn said.

Glenn, motivated by the disgusting phone call, decided to counter the hate with something more positive – a reading of “The New Colossus”:


After the poem, Glenn said, “There is only one space. There is only one country. It has been our charge and our duty. I testify to you now that the only reason this country exists is to be a safe haven for those who are not wanted any place else, whether that be a Jew or you. This is the place and the only place on Earth where man can be safe. The minute, the minute we don’t defend that with everything in us, we are done. The Lord will have no place for us. This is not about our money. This isn’t about our lives. This isn’t about our sacred honor. This is about our sacred duty. What part of the symbol of the Statue of Liberty do we not understand? It is to represent the covenant, the covenant that we have, the opportunity that God and this land will provide. Not for you. Not for me. But for those who have been rejected everywhere on Earth. Watch them. See what they can do. Welcome them. You come in the front door.”

“So many people will say, ‘Well, what about all the people who come across our borders?’ I have said this since I started talking about the border. The golden door is enormous. But it is a door. You come in the front door. Anyone who tries to make that door smaller does not understand. But anyone who says you can come in through a window also does not understand. Her flame represents imprisoned lightning. Her mild eyes command. She represents the guardian of the golden door, the beacon. Come here. No one else wants you. Come here. But she also represents a sentinel. Back off. I will protect. Statue is not a statue. All of our American symbols have been bastardized. You only make a statue of someone that large because the idea she represents is larger. And real. But the minute we forget, the minute we twist, the minute we close our eyes, the broken chains at her feet become meaningless and in the eyes of God, so do we.”
Still waiting to hear if anyone else denies Occupy Wall Street's anti-Semitism.

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