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Friday, September 16, 2011

Room for debate?

A reminder that - assuming that I find time to post - this should not be the last post of the day. I am in Boston for the Sabbath and will stop posting when the Sabbath starts here and not when it starts in Jerusalem.

The New York Times has a feature called Room for Debate, and Thursday's asked the question "Can Israel survive without a 'Palestinian state'?" Of the people quoted, I found myself agreeing only with Daniel Gordis. Ronen Bregman, who is usually good on this stuff, disappoints. I thought Aaron David Miller (surprisingly) got more right than Bregman did. The rest of them aren't worth mentioning.

Yes, Israel can survive without a 'Palestinian state.' We may have to hunker down, but come January 2013, there's a good chance it will get easier.

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