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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Protesters in Amman burn American, Israeli flags

At a noisy protest outside the US embassy in Amman on Wednesday, protesters burned the Israeli and American flags.
The 70 activists burned American and Israeli flags in a noisy protest opposite the embassy in Amman on Wednesday.

They chanted, "The people want the Americans out."
70 people are not a lot of people, but this may be the start of something much bigger. You see, the Jordanians are upset over a cable released by Wikileaks last week which allegedly shows that the US is actually willing to consider the truth: Jordan is Palestine. But that's not quite what the cable said.
The protest, which was called by retired military officers, came in the wake of the release by WikiLeaks of hundreds of cables purportedly sent by the US embassy in Amman, which demonstrators said revealed the diplomatic mission's interference in Jordan's affairs.

According to the cables, the US embassy was pressuring the Jordanian government to give equal rights to citizens of Palestinian origin, a move that could enable them to acquire a majority in parliament.

This, the protesters claimed, would facilitate endeavours by 'extremist Israeli politicians' to turn Jordan into an alternative homeland for Palestinians.
In other words, these are supporters of the little rump king of Jordan who are protesting US calls to allow 70% of the 'kingdom' to vote. Maybe it's time to call the little rump king of Jordan on the carpet.

By the way, I could not find the original cable and it took me a long time to find any summary of what the cable actually said. This story is being reported as if the US had actually acknowledged that Jordan is 'Palestine.'

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