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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Overnight music video

Tonight is the second of the two weddings I'm attending while I'm in the US.

I'm in Monsey, New York tonight, attending the wedding of Akiva R, the son of regular reader Debbie R (whom I have known for - yipes! - nearly 40 years), and a friend of BY (son #2 child #3 - did I remember to say Mazal Tov for him?). How long have I known Akiva R? A few hours after he was born, he was placed in neonatal intensive care at Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. I worked a few blocks away from Cornell at the time, and when Mrs. Carl called and said "Mrs. R had the baby this morning and they're at Cornell in the neonatal intensive care unit," I grabbed a few sandwiches and rushed over - getting past security by claiming I was 'Hal's brother.' Maybe I am after all. Later, I was given Kisei Shel Eliyahu (Elijah's chair), one of the highest honors, at Akiva R's Bris.

I think I'm going to be crying tonight during the chupa along with Akiva's parents (better take some extra tissues), so we may as well get started.

Let's go to the videotape.

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