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Friday, September 09, 2011

J Street opposes UDI but opposes efforts to stop it

The pro-Obama pro-Obama J Street organization has announced that it opposes the 'Palestinian' attempt to circumvent negotiations for 'statehood' - because Obama does - and opposes the attempt by Congress to stop the 'Palestinians' from pursuing a unilateral declaration of independence - because Obama does.
"We believe that everything J Street stands for and what we do needs to promote the two-state solution and not just two states," Jeremy Ben-Ami, the director of the dovish pro-Israel group, told JTA on Wednesday.

Palestinian statehood should come about through negotiations with Israel and not unilaterally, he said.

Ben-Ami said the group backs Obama administration plans to veto any U.N. Security Council resolution that would establish such a state and has urged Palestinian leaders to defer plans to introduce such a resolution later this month.

Unlike much of the rest of the pro-Israel community, however, Ben-Ami said that J Street planned to lobby against cutting funding to the Palestinians should they press ahead with statehood recognition plans.

"What the Palestinians are doing is legal, even if we don't agree with it, and we believe it is against Israel strategic interests and U.S. interests to cut funding to the Palestinians," he said.
That's funny. So does Obama.

So if Obama loses the election, can we kiss J Street goodbye? (Actually I'd rather give it a good swift kick in the butt on its way out the door).

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