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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hudson Institute Conference on the Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III

A little surprise for all of you. I’m attending the Hudson Institute Conference on the Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III.
I got here a bit late – it took 45 minutes to get through security.
Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora now speaking. Says that human rights groups go to Israel and not to Syria because it takes months to get a visa for ten days, then once you get there you sit in your hotel for nine days and then they send you for an official tour.
Edelstein says that the same people who once hijacked planes and kidnapped reporters have now hijacked the human rights agenda.
He says we need to concentrate on human rights as no more than any other part of the UN charter and then we will be able to combat the hijackers.
Anne Bayefsky announces that the UN has just moved up the adoption of the third Durban declaration under a proposal by Sudan.
Alan Dershowitz now speaking. One reason there is no peace in the Middle East can be summarized in two letters: UN. They have disincentivized the Palestinians from negotiating a reasonable compromise. He cites several examples where there were genocides going on in the world, and all the UN focused on was Israel.
UN has encouraged anti-Semitism, racism and genocide and has made Durban into another Nuremberg.
By the way, this conference is being webcast by PJ Media (just saw on the agenda). Conference is in a small room and it’s packed. Still haven’t seen my friend Ed Morrissey, who is here.
Back to Dershowitz – UN has become main advocacy arm of Palestinians at the expense of so many others who are being oppressed.
The nations will take a vote which will be described as ‘implementing the two-state solution’ but states that don’t recognize Israel are voting for a final solution for Israel. Dershowitz says that any state that does not recognize Israel ought not to be able to vote.
Source of law in ‘Palestine’ will be Sharia law. No worries from Jews because they won’t allow any although they are trying to spin it as though they only don’t want ‘settlers.’ First Judenrein state since Nazi Germany. They will have a ‘law of return’ while they criticize Israel for having a law of return.
Why should they compromise when they get the ’67 borders to start the game? Abu Mazen told Dersshowitz that real estate is valued based on location. If you want the Western Wall you have to give thousands of acres. The same goes for access roads to Hebrew U and the Jewish quarter of the Old City. Dershowitz says that he helped draft 242 as an aide to Arthur Goldberg. Russians and French wanted to say “the” territories but US and UK said no and that version won out. There is no doubt that under 242 they’re not supposed to start from the ’67 border. He refers to op-ed by Olmert. UN happy to let ‘Palestine’ by militarized. So why should the ‘Palestinians’ compromise.
How dare war mongering countries lecture Israel? He lists lots of countries – Turkey is high on the list and he refers specifically to the Mavi Marmara incident.
He slams Bishop Tutu for saying Israel not sufficiently Christian for his tastes.
US has adopted Israel’s methods of targeted assassinations using drones. Israel has become the model of democracy.
Dershowitz gets a standing ovation. He did not once mention ‘settlements.’
Next up is Ed Koch. Koch says Obama should be applauded for his UN speech. Says he hopes to be a supporter of Obama again. Says Israel can’t sit with Hamas unless and until it gives up terrorism. Hamas says that every Jew who entered historic Palestine since 1917 and Hamas is likely to be the senior partner in the ‘Palestinian Authority’ eventually.
How can you have ‘agreed upon swaps’ with a terror organization that says that Tel Aviv is theirs. You can’t expect Israel to sit down with Hamas.
Koch: We can’t end the United Nations because every house needs a cesspool.
He says there’s a tendency among Jews to reject Christian fundamentalist support of Israel. “Such Jews are nuts.” Koch says that when you see the Messiah, ask if he’s Jewish and then ask if it’s first visit or his second. If it’s his first, they have to convert.
Dore Gold is next and says that if there’s anything good about UNSCR 1701 it’s because John Bolton was there and hammered in security clauses.
Gold shows a Powerpoint presentation on Resolution 1701. Included El-Khiam which looks remarkably like Gaza City. 25,000 people and full of weapons. Whose civilians do we protect – ours or theirs? This is the result of the Goldstone Report. Photo of El Khiam released for the first time today – it shows map of weapons storage.
Gold blasts Olmert for suggesting virtually full withdrawal from West Bank and having Jerusalem administered by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the US.
Lunch break to listen to Ahmadinejad at the United Nations across the street.

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At 11:16 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Bolton was on Mark Levin radio show last night. Fabulous man.

Mr. Koch... Good one about the evangelical Christians. My observation to you is that it is great to stand your ground re Israel, but the Leftist/marxist tenants you have always advocated create weakness in the public. I don't see how America (and Israel) can be strong if you still want the socialist weak people to be the citizens.


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