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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chilling details on last Friday's terror attack

You will recall that earlier this week, I reported on a terror attack in which a 25-year old father and his infant son were killed, which was first reported as a 'traffic accident' in an apparent effort not to offend the 'Palestinians.' Now, Honeinu, an organization that provides legal aid for Israeli soldiers and civilians in distress, reveals some chilling details of last Friday's attack (Hat Tip: Gershon D).
It appears that after the murders of the two, a Kiryat Arba couple close to the niftar headed to Yerushalayim, where Asher’s wife Puah was waiting, to notify her as to what occurred. Immediately following the murderous attack, despite evidence on the scene confirming the terror attack, police and IDF officials announced the deaths were due to a one-vehicle accident.

The husband, Shai, who served in the IDF’s elite Sayeret Matkal unit, found himself in a similar situation, fearing for his life and his wife’s, firing his weapon in the air on their way to Yerushalayim. Baruch Hashem, unlike with Asher, Shai succeeded in scaring away his attackers, Arutz-7 reports. Their vehicle sustained light damage as a result of the rocks hurled at them but there were no injuries, not to mention fatalities R”L.

Shai reported the incident to the moked emergency dispatcher, as regulations require, arriving back at home in Kiryat Arba shortly before Shabbos. Amazingly, four police cars arrived at his home after Shabbos began and the policemen insisted that he brief them on his incident. He explained the Arabs didn’t back down and he realized that he and his wife were in perilous danger. Once again, Shai is a veteran of the nation’s most elite infantry reconnaissance unit, well trained in the use of weapons, including a handgun. Police informed him that since it was already Shabbos he was not being brought to the police station, but he was instructed to appear immediately after Shabbos ends.

Immediately after Shabbos Shai contacted Honenu, telling of the events that transpired. He was given instructions as how to act and what to say by attorney Adi Kedar. Shai was questioned ‘under warning’, signaling a criminal indictment was likely. His wife was summoned to give her statement as well, on Sunday. Once again, he fired his weapon in the air in self-defense to distance attackers, and there were no injuries resulting from the gunfire.

Honenu officials are accustomed to such instances, lamenting the reality that one who fires a weapon in self-defense shortly after a dear friend and neighbor was murdered in the same area, under the same circumstances, is now a suspect and faces criminal prosecution.
Meanwhile, the government continues to refuse to recognize Asher Palmer and his son Yehonatan HY"D as terror victims, although a senior IDF officer insists that's what they are.
A senior IDF officer in the Judea sector has admitted that the IDF purposely covered up the evidence that Asher Palmer and his infant son Yehonatan were murdered Friday, Arutz Sheva has learned exclusively.

The senior officer admitted Sunday that the IDF falsely described the event to the press as an accident because of concern that nationalists would "inflame" the area, which was tense because of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas's speech in the United Nations.

Arutz Sheva has learned that IDF Spokesman's Unit personnel were instructed, immediately after the crash that killed the Palmers, to contact all of the reporters that cover Judea and Samaria and to inform them that a check on the ground showed that the crash was an accident that was caused by the driver's speeding, and not a terror attack.

An IDF spokeswoman who spoke to Arutz Sheva immediately after the crash also insisted that the investigation on the ground indicated an accident.

However, versions of events that Arutz Sheva has received from several IDF sources who requested anonymity, indicate that the military purposely covered up the murder, in collusion with the Israel Police.

This testimony has been handed over to nationalist MKs who intend to demand a reckoning by the IDF and police.

The IDF rejected the accusations. "The IDF expresses sorrow and takes part in the family's mourning. The IDF rejects out of hand the claims of falsely reporting the event. An initial scan by IDF Forces who were present on the ground during the event, which also relied on police investigators who arrived on the scene, indicated that no rocks had been thrown at the car from the sides of the road and that it was an accident. As the police investigation progressed new evidence was found and it was presented by the police."

A first responder also said that he reported Asher Palmer's handgun had been removed from its holster and that foul play appears to be involved.
This is simply outrageous. It's time to stop pretending that the 'Palestinians' want peace and to treat them accordingly. And it's time for the Israeli government to take the lead in doing so.

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