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Thursday, September 22, 2011

45% of 'Palestinian' residents would be denied 'Palestinian citizenship'

What kind of state would Palestine be? Here's a clue:45% of the 'Palestinians' who currently live in the area intended for 'Palestine' would not be allowed to live there.
The ambassador unequivocally says that Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for U.N.-recognized Palestinian state…

This would not only apply to refugees in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan or the other 132 countries where Abdullah says Palestinians reside. Abdullah said that “even Palestinian refugees who are living in [refugee camps] inside the [Palestinian] state, they are still refugees. They will not be considered citizens.”

Abdullah said that the new Palestinian state would “absolutely not” be issuing Palestinian passports to refugees…

“When we have a state accepted as a member of the United Nations, this is not the end of the conflict. This is not a solution to the conflict. This is only a new framework that will change the rules of the game.”

The Palestinian Liberation Organization would remain responsible for refugees, and Abdullah says that UNRWA would continue its work as usual.
Read it all. It's not about establishing 'Palestine,' it's about destroying Israel (God forbid). l

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