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Monday, August 08, 2011

Yaalon gets Turkey

At least someone in this government gets Turkey: Moshe "Boogie" Yaalon (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon voiced disapproval Monday over Turkey's demand that Israel issue an apology for its role in the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident in which nine activists were killed as the IDF intercepted the ship. Speaking to Israel Radio, the deputy prime minister called the request "rude."

His statement came the day after he attended a forum meant to discuss the publication of the UN Palmer report on Israel's conduct last summer during the raid of the Turkish liner.

"There was a provocation here that the Turkish government is also responsible for," he said. "It wasn't our side that spoiled relations, and I expect they will not [restore diplomatic relations] even after the apology."
Even if it were to bring about a restoration of relations, I believe an apology would be a huge mistake. It becomes an even bigger mistake if it's not going to restore relations with Turkey back to anything close to what they were.

If anything, it's the Turkish government that ought to be apologizing to Israel. The way that the report has been portrayed in the Israeli media to date has been that the report says that the blockade of Gaza is legal, but accuses Israel of being too swift to use deadly force. But here's something that has not been discussed very much in the Israeli media:
The report is also believed to highlight Turkish government links with the flotilla, which resulted in the death of nine Turks when IDF commandos boarded the ship.
We've known all along that the Turkish government backed the IHH. But to apologize as if we were the only ones at fault and then to see the UN say that would be outrageous.

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