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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What does the US get for $2 billion?

Ordinarily, I don't support asking the US to do our dirty work for us. But in this case, there may be some merit to it. After all, the US is footing the bill.
JINSA Executive Director Tom Neumann said, "Unless the Egyptian government makes clear its commitment to enforcing the security of the Sinai border, the relationship between Israel and Egypt will continue to unravel. As the provider of $1.3 billion annually to the Egyptian military, the U.S. government is well positioned to convey the seriousness with which it views the deterioration of Egypt's border security responsibilities."

"One casualty of the so-called Arab Spring has clearly been Sinai security. Thursday's terror attack coupled with a series of attacks on the natural gas pipeline, a critical energy supply for Israel and Jordan leaves no doubt that the Israeli security establishment will have to view Egypt in a new light," Neumann said. "Terror attacks like the one yesterday were much more difficult to carry out prior to President Mubarak's toppling."
Indeed, they were. And Mubarak never needed troops in the Sinai - in violation of the treaty - in order to maintain control of the Sinai.

Of course, you can't really expect the Obama administration to withhold aid from the Egyptians if they don't fulfill their obligations under the treaty. Muslims might find that offensive. What, you expected a treaty with a Muslim country to be permanent?

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