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Friday, August 19, 2011

Suicide bomber hits Egyptian forces

A suicide bomber - probably from the Popular Resistance Committees (and not the one in the picture) - killed and injured several Egyptian soldiers on Friday morning on the border between Egypt and Israel near the Philadelphi corridor.
A number of Egyptian soldiers were killed and injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up on the Egyptian side of the border with Israel on Friday morning near The Philadelphi Route crossing.

Security officials said that the suicide bomber was thought to belong to the Popular Resistance Committees, the organization who orchestrated the terror attacks near Eilat on Thursday that left eight people dead.
So much for Hamas not wanting to anger the Egyptians in the hope that they can pull off a deal for Gilad Shalit (that was what was reported on Thursday).

Speaking of which, since the PRC is the group that kidnapped Shalit, could it be that all of the last two days' actions are intended - at least in part - to prevent his release? Just a thought.

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