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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ripping BDS in Australia

Here's a great editorial from the Australian condemning the tactics of BDS protesters against Max Brenner Chocolates in Melbourne.
The BDS movement has every right to express its point of view but for any student of 20th-century history there is something deeply offensive about targeting a Jewish-owned business. Last month's protests outside the Melbourne Max Brenner store led to 19 arrests. Australians are overwhelmingly uncomfortable about such tactics, whatever their views about a Palestinian state.

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The BDS movement has surely lost its bearings when it likens this ridiculous protest to the actions of those who supported anti-apartheid boycotts against South Africa. Imposing internationally-backed sanctions against a rogue, racist state is one thing.

The right of Melburnians to enjoy a fine cup of chocolate without running the gauntlet of a righteous, threatening mob is quite another.

Will others speak out against the offensiveness of BDS? How come no one came to the defense of Ahava in London?

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