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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real or fake? Plus a bonus.... 85 reasons....

I need a break, so we're going to play a game called 'real or fake.'

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Debbie R).

And now here's your bonus. Here are 85 reasons to elect a new President who is worthy of a great nation. Among them are:
9. Unremitting hostility to Israel during his first two years -- destroying the Mideast process by imposing unilateral burdens on Israel, forcing Israel to cease construction of Jewish homes, even in Jerusalem, thus compelling Abbas to harden several positions, all while publicly snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu in the basement of the White House (the first visit) and trying to snub him on the second visit with a horrible policy speech as Netanyahu was flying en route to America.

10. Failure to support Iran's Green Revolution, which brought hope for real pro-Western democracy, while backing the Moslem Brotherhood uprising in Egypt.

11. Failure to support the Syrian people's revolution against Assad, a dictator who actively finances and supports Iran and Hezbollah, America's sworn enemies in Iraq and South Lebanon.

12. The Libyan Fiasco -- entering the Libyan mess without a plan or objective, failing to consult Congress. No sense of whether we are supporting people just as bad as Qaddafi. Remaining in the war more than 90 days without obtaining Congressional approval. Lying about violating the War Powers Act by claiming there are no "hostilities" in Libya. Emasculating American exceptionalism by "lead[ing] from behind."


61. Forgiving billions of dollars in Egyptian and related Mideast debt when we are past the 14.3 trillion debt line

62. Pumping billions more into the discredited United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) and the Palestinian Authority that merged with the terrorist Hamas


74. Lying and falsely telling Americans that his grandfather was among those who liberated Auschwitz when, in fact, no American troops liberated Auschwitz.

75. Describing Israel's right to exist as premised on the Holocaust, thus missing the entire point of a Jewish country built on the land where Jews have lived since Biblical times.
Read the whole thing.

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